portrait 9/2020

Sandra C. Fernández was born in NY and before she turned one year old, she moved  to Ecuador with her Ecuadorian mother and spent her formative years in Quito. At 22 she immigrated back to the US and started her new life, which included studying and pursuing art. She studied Fine Arts and received Both an M.A. & an M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Her emphasis was Printmaking, Photography and Artist’s Books. Shortly after graduation, she became a Professor and taught for over 20 years at various prestigious universities all over the US. She has also been a practicing artist, exhibiting all over the world. Her work is represented in major museum collections, as well as other private and public collections in the US and abroad.

Her upbringing in South America, along with being a Latina immigrant in this country, allowed her to have a unique aesthetic in her work. She utilizes elements, techniques, and experiences from both worlds, blending them as a whole. She works with textural layers, and often the work she makes is designed to be peeled and deciphered layer by layer. Her work exemplifies the varied and rich experiences she’s had during her life. Over the years she has found her visual aesthetic, but hopes to always grow, expand, and explore with her art, paralleling her own constantly changing life.

She invites you to look deep into every piece of artwork that she makes. Each stitch, line, color choice, and texture is deliberate and detailed, even in her seemingly simplest of pieces. Her work reflects the beautiful complexities of her life, and she hopes you’ll find your own stories reflected in hers.

Please visit www.sandrafernandez.info  for an extended view of her artwork throughout the years and additional information about her career.


 Sfernandez Art was created during the pandemic of 2020. Sandra had been envisioning to become a full time artist for many years. The quarantine allowed her to concentrate on building this e-commerce site and start pursuing her dream.